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Launching a new app or software project is daunting, especially if you are focussing on business and do not have the time to give the needed attention to the technical aspects of such a project.

We understand this 100%

Let us worry about the technical challenges and we will explain the process in non technical jargon, we will refine your requirements and help you take your project from inception to launch


Our Design & Development Process

Through the years we have refined a project process where our clients can see results early in the project and receive a quality product at the end.

Strategy & Roadmap

You need to know how your software project will meet the larger business objectives and how it will be achieved.

Specification & Design

This phase will define the development effort. Throughout the numerous software projects we delivered, this phase has the single biggest impact on successful project delivery.

Development & TESTING

Development of the application/solution according to the specification and design.

Frequent releases to our clients mean they can see the progress and give feedback.

A dedicated team of testers are involved from the start to ensure quality is on point.

Launch & SUPPORT

Once your application is ready we will deploy to the required platforms and provide continous support to ensure the success of your application.

Case Studies

Mandela 100 Moments


The History Channel launched a campaign to celebrate the 100th birthday of late President Nelson Mandela.

People had the opportunity to download the application to record and style a video message about an experience they had with President Nelson Mandela.

These personal videos were then automatically published on Youtube.

GEMS Members Kiosk


This application was developed for GEMS (Government Employees Medical Scheme ) to run on a kiosk/terminal in different locations throughout South Africa.

The kiosk is used by GEMS members to access their medical aid information (ie. claims, benefits, authorizations, etc)

What We Offer 

Here is just some of the many services that we offer. 

Roadmap & Strategy

You need to know how your software project will meet the larger business objectives and how it will be achieved.


A specification is the best way to know exactly what business and functional requirements will be needed to implement a successful application.


A great visual  design makes your application beautiful and pleasing to use. User experience design ensures that your product is easy and straightforward to use. 

Mobile App Development

Native iOS, native Android and cross-platform applications. We’ve got this.

WEB APP Development

Web applications, Facebook applications, e-commerce stores, websites, etc.


We are experts in  backend development and can integrate your solution with any API you require.


Is your application secure enough to prevent hackers from accessing your system? We provide security and application testing services to make sure your application is bug free and secure.


When the going gets tough we have your back. Whether it is fixing issues or doing feature updates to your application.

platform, INFRASTRUCTURE & BACKUP strategy

We’re able to give you advice on different mobile platforms as well as hosting infrastructure and data backup plans.

We’ve Done Work For

Years in Business

Happy Clients

Thank you Stephan for working closely with us to ensure that the end product was functional and widely compatible!


I appreciate your flexibility and can do attitude. You made a difficult and technical processes easy and seamless.

Henrico Hanekom, Megaphone Media

Sickle Bush helped to improve our site as the business’s needs change and develop.


Papillon is still small and ever changing and I appreciate the fact that they keep this in mind when helping with the site. Their “can do” attitude is refreshing and I would recommend their services to anyone that needs it.

Yolanda Botha, Papillon

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